Advice For Pouring Concrete In High Heat

While most everyone knows that it's not good to pour concrete in excessively cold temperatures, some may not realize that pouring it in excessively hot weather can be troublesome as well. The problem with hot weather is that it leads to evaporation of the water in the concrete, which disrupts the curing process. Since concrete relies on that hydration to cure properly, the evaporation can leave you with weak, crumbly concrete if you pour it in high temperatures. [Read More]

Insight To Help You Install A Concrete Garage Slab That Is Durable And Has A Long-Lasting Appearance

When you are installing a garage foundation slab for your business, you will want the concrete to keep its strength and its appearance even after years of its receiving use and abuse from normal business operations. Here is some insight to help ensure your concrete garage foundation is built to last and for the cured concrete to remain as free of stains and marring as possible. Install a Proper Foundation [Read More]

Finding The Dangers Within - Ground Penetrating Radar

Everybody knows that when it comes time to dig a trench, a hole or any other reason to be digging dirt that it is important to locate underground utilities before digging. What is not so well known is that utilities and other dangers can be embedded in concrete slabs, walls, and pillars. Accidentally cutting into one of these hidden items can be not only dangerous but deadly. For this reason, it is critical to always identify these dangers before boring, cutting or drilling into concrete structures [Read More]

Signs Of A Failing Foundation

There are many different parts of the home that are important, but maybe none more important than the foundation. If your foundation is not solid, then your home is simply not solid. Having a foundation problem can be extremely dangerous. It is very important that you notice any problems with your foundation and get help immediately. It can be difficult to know when you have a foundation problem, so this article is going to outline a few different ways that you can tell if you have a foundation problem. [Read More]