Three Types Of Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a common building material that also has a number of qualities that make it well suited for interior flooring use, such as its high durability, relatively low cost, and quick installation time. However, there are many different types of interior concrete flooring that you can have installed, each of which has a different set of advantages and has a different appearance. Knowing the differences between the most common types of concrete flooring can help you choose the best option for your flooring needs. [Read More]

When And Where To Use Fibrecrete

Fibrecrete is a modern concrete based solution that has a range of practical construction uses. For example, fibrecrete boards are commonly used for the backing of tile surfaces. It can be attached to studs or directly over drywall to provide a backing that is much more durable than drywall or plaster. But fibercrete can also be a very stylish finish material. It is becoming more and more common on decks, roofs, siding, and interiors. [Read More]

Understanding Plastic Shrinkage And Drying Shrinkage in Concrete

Most people don't think of concrete as a material that shrinks, but it can contract by very small amounts as it hardens and dries. So when a freshly poured concrete surface suffers cracks due to uncontrolled shrinkage, it's a problem that often catches contractors and their customers off guard. Uncontrolled shrinkage usually comes in the form of either plastic shrinkage or drying shrinkage. While both terms sound similar, there are some key differences to consider. [Read More]

Trouble With Concrete? Tips To Help You Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace It

If you look around the exterior of your home you're sure to see many items that are made out of concrete. Everything from your patio, the steps leading up to your front door and the slab that serves as the foundation of the entire house is usually constructed using concrete. As your property ages the concrete could begin to show signs of wear. Although it is still holding up, you need to know if you should repair the concrete or have it replaced. [Read More]